A1. Edamame 에다마메 日本毛豆
Lightly salted boiled soybean
$ 4.00

A2. Dumpling 만두 炸饺
Six deep-fried beef or vegetable dumplings served with soy sauce dip
$ 4.00

A3. Spring Roll 스프링롤 春卷
Six deep-fried vegetable spring rolls with plum sauce
$ 4.50

A4. Tofu & Vegetable Tempura 두부야채튀김 豆腐蔬菜天妇罗
Six lightly battered and deep-fried tofu and assorted vegetables served with sour soy
sauce dip
$ 4.50

A5. Shrimp Tempura 새우튀김 虾天妇罗
Lightly battered and deep-fried shrimps and assorted vegetables served with sour soy
sauce dip
Small (3 pieces)……$ 6.95 Medium (6 pieces)……$ 11.95
Large (12 pieces)……$ 19.95

A6. Takoyaki 타코야끼 日式墨鱼丸
Six pieces of octopus balls with takoyaki sauce, mayo, and dried bonito flakes
$ 7.95

A7. Shrimp Ball 쉬림볼 炸虾丸
Six deep-fried shrimp balls with sweet Thai chili sauce
$ 5.95

A8. Spicy Rice Cake 떡볶이 辣年糕
Stir fried spicy rice cake with vegetables and fish cakes in spicy sauce
$ 9.95
(Add Cheese: $ 2.00)

A9. Spicy Rice Cake w/ Noodles & Dumpling 라볶이 韩式炒年糕

Spicy rice cake with noodles and four pieces of dumpling
$ 12.95
(Add Cheese: $ 2.00)

A10. Royal Rice Cake 궁중떡볶이 韩式宫中炒年糕
Stir-fried rice cake with beef, fish cakes and vegetables in Duru’s special soy sauce
$ 15.95

A11. Fish Cake Soup 오뎅탕 鱼片汤
Assorted fish cakes and radish in seaweed broth
$ 10.95

A12. Kimchi Pancake 김치전 泡菜饼
Korean style pancake made with kimchi, onions, and zucchini
$ 10.95

A13. Seafood Pancake 해물파전 海鲜葱饼
A pancake made with seafood and green onions served with soy sauce dip
$ 12.95

A14. Sweet & Sour Chicken 닭강정 韩式咕噜鸡肉
Korean style deep fried breaded chicken with sweet and sour sauce
$ 15.95

A15. Lemon Chicken 레몬치킨 柠檬鸡
Deep-fried breaded chicken with fresh lemon sauce
$ 15.95

A16. Tangsuyuk 탕수육 糖醋肉
Deep-fried breaded pork or chicken with Korean sweet and sour sauce
Served with soy sauce dip
Pork……small $ 12.95 / family $ 19.95
Chicken……small $ 14.95 / family $ 22.95